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San Andreas Dispatch Center

Standing to Serve - Aspiring to Achieve - Dedicated to Duty - Conforming to Contingency


About the San Andreas Dispatch Center

The San Andreas Dispatch Center is the backbone of our LEO and Fire/Rescue operations. Being a dispatcher with the SADC is one of the most important positions within Stateside. Operators will regularly update our Computer Aided Dispatch system, answer 911 calls from our concerned citizens, provide call-outs for civilian services such as tow operations, and ensure radio communications remain clear and concise across all frequencies.



The San Andreas Dispatch Center does not currently have any sub-departments, though there are several different positions our Operators fill. Operators with the SADC will train to work LEO radios, Fire/Rescue radios, and take 911 calls. Operators will work in tandem with others in the department as a primary, secondary, or tertiary operator (when staffing permits).


Recruitment Status:



Dispatch Director

Austin B.

Deputy Dispatch Director


Asst. Dispatch Director



Operations Commander

Operations Manager

Lead Operator


Senior Operator

Operator II

Operator I

Probationary Operator

Reserve Members

Senior Reserve Operator

Reserve Operator

Radio & CAD:

The SADC utilizes the Sonoran radio plugin and a custom CAD.

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