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Joining Stateside Roleplay:

Below you will find the embedded application! All perspective members must complete this in order to be considered for a spot in SSRP! After completing your application, please head over to the Discord server and create a recruitment ticket! Please wait patiently, and a member of the recruitment team will assist you further. Thank you for your interest in SSRP, and we look forward to meeting you soon! 

Tips for Success:

  • Read the entire question and make sure your responses cover each part! 

  • When answering the questions, consider the "Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How" in your head and include those details in your response! 

  • Proof-read your responses to ensure they are complete and coherent!

  • Let us get to know you better through your responses! This is our first impression of you!

  • Take your time on the application! It is not a race. Make your responses stand out! Quality > Quantity! 

  • If you have specific questions, reach out in a recruitment ticket in our Discord! We are here to help!

Steps To Becoming A Member of SSRP:

  1. Join our Discord server and verify by reviewing our community regulations.

  2. Submit an application.

  3. Open a recruitment ticket on Discord and schedule your interview.

  4. Complete your interview.

  5. Complete the Stateside Roleplay orientation process (training).

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