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Civilian Operations

“Elevating roleplay through exciting and enriching engagement.”


Who Are We?

Civilian Operations is the back-bone of roleplay at SSRP.  We are strive to create immersive and story drive scenes to help keep things fun and interesting. Instead of constant priorities such as pursuits and shootouts, we encourage thoughtful and well planned out scenes revolving around a story line. Often, these could be investigations or pre-planned events. Nonetheless, we aim to make the most out of every interaction they have, leaving everyone with a positive and immersive experience. 

Recruitment Status:


Command Members

Interim Civilian Director

Gage S.

Interim Deputy Civilian Director

Austin B.

Asst. Dispatch Director


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What Do We Offer?

There are various custom in-game assets that we offer our members. From cars, to MLOs for business and events, to scripts that enhance roleplay, we strive to provide the latest and greatest to keep roleplay fun and exciting. Moreover, one of our biggest priorities is ensuring all of our members have access to these assets! 


We rely on our members to create their own businesses, services such as utilities and DOT, and organized crime groups. We encourage you to be creative, create a story, and utilize all of the assets available to you!  We are open to creating and including custom assets to complement any specialized group! 

Civilian Reserve:

Don't want to be a full time Civ? No worries! We have opportunities available for you. Civilian reserves are able to hold up to the highest base rank and less attendance and commitment to the department is required of them. Let us know if you would like to be a reserve civilian in during your interview! 

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