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The Story of Stateside Roleplay:

In late 2021, the foundation for what would become Stateside Roleplay was laid. The original administration team was formed, collaborating with their own unique experiences and inputs. After much deliberation, the team realized the first iteration of Stateside Roleplay. Working for a few months to polish this concept, the team was proud to first open the server on May 15th, 2022. The first few months saw great success, with many new members and decent patrol numbers. However, after some time, the original team began to dissolve, leaving Austin as the sole original founder. Piecing the team back together, Austin found new members dedicated to serving the team.

This new team expounded upon the foundation of Stateside Roleplay, taking steps toward making Stateside Roleplay what it is today. Despite some difficulties, this team’s accomplishments are still noticeable today, specifically with the high standards that they set about. This team also worked tirelessly to develop governing documents and practices that are still in use today. In early 2023, some of the members of this team stepped down from their positions, setting in motion the beginning of a new era.

Austin, Ty, and Gage remained, with a new found dedication to one another and the server itself. They set out to chart a new course for Stateside Roleplay, distinguishing it from other servers. Back on track, Jake assumed the role of administrator, and the team was pleased to see their concentrated efforts pay-off, as the server experienced consistent growth. During this time a new identity for Stateside Roleplay was established, nearly identical to that of Stateside today. In Autumn of 2023, many members became busy with real-life commitments, and patrol numbers fell. Understanding that real-life is priority, the team decided in October to take a hiatus and focus on other things, after three years of unwavering and non-stop service to Stateside Roleplay. This was not the end for Stateside.

Prior to the New Year, Austin, Ty, Gage, and Jake convened, and began to imagine what a renewed Stateside Roleplay would look like. Over the course of January 2024, the team took steps to make their return a reality. Updating and adding assets into the server, reflecting on past success and shortcomings, and refining the identity of Stateside Roleplay, the team established the best iteration of Stateside to date. On February 1st, 2024, the team officially reopened the server, bringing us to the present. The team is elated to see Stateside return to its previous glory and grow beyond in the coming days, weeks, and months! We would love to have YOU become part of our story!

What Differentiates Stateside?

  • Choices are yours! While we have high standards, we allow each member to make the most of their experience by granting them many freedoms that other servers limit. There are many choices available to our members, from the amount of customization with their uniforms and vehicles to the various scripts and assets that can be used to enhance roleplay scenes.

  • Quality over quantity! We care deeply about the quality of all aspects of our community. From the assets in game to promotional content, we work tirelessly to portray a unique sense of excellence that sets us apart from the crowd. Many of our assets are developed in house, with an attention to detail and community feedback, so that they faithfully reflect our values and standards.

  • Together we thrive! We are a community filled with people from varying backgrounds. No matter the circumstance, our members are dedicated to one another and work to promote a positive, drama-free environment. Off of patrol? Join us as we hangout in general, play other games, work on the server, or go deeper down a random rabbit hole that we had no clue existed.

Stateside Roleplay's Values:

  • Simplicity: Our team seeks to make any process in the server as effective and efficient as possible. We do not burden our members with hours of paperwork, confusing forms to fill out, or limiting structures. Taking a straightforward approach to the way in which the server runs, provides our members with a more enjoyable and polished experience.

  • Professionalism: We care deeply about our stature. It is important that we conduct ourselves in a genuine and dignified manner. No matter the circumstance, our team aims to remain level-headed and open in pursuit of bettering themselves and the server as a whole.

  • Respect: Our members are invaluable. In everything we do, we attempt to highlight the value of one another and the environment in which we interact. Even when we disagree, it is important to remember we are bound together by a common cause and purpose.

  • Dedication: The realization of any goal comes from the focus on the pursuit thereof. Through thick and thin our team has fought to keep the concept of Stateside Roleplay alive. Even when it is easier to give up, dedication and drive fuels one’s willingness to stick it out and reap the rewards at a later date. Our accomplishments would mean much less without the struggle to reach them.

  • Originality: Stateside Roleplay goes out of the way to ensure that the experience here is like no other. We are constantly searching for ways to elevate ourselves, but in a manner that others have not. Though it takes more effort and time to be original, in the end it is worth it.

  • Quality: We take pride in our high standards at Stateside Roleplay. It is important that every single aspect of our server comes across as well put-together and meaningful. All the way down to the most minute detail, we take into consideration how it affects the server and how we can improve it. While we care about portraying a positive image outward, it is more important that this image is the reality in which our server operates on the daily.

  • Who can join SSRP?
    Here is a list of requirements to join! If you meet these requirements, we would love to have you as a part of our family, regardless of your experience level! I. Members must proficiently understand and utilize the English language when communicating. II. Members must be at least 16 years of age. III. Members must have functioning computer hardware and accessories, including — but not limited to — a computer meeting the system requirements for GTA V (excluding dispatchers) and a clear, non-echoing microphone/headset. IV. Members must have access to functioning software, including — but not limited to — a legal copy of GTA V, FiveM, Discord, TeamSpeak, an Internet Browser, and the Google Drive Suite. V. Members must — at all times — be willing to adhere to the community rules and regulations and any applicable department/team standard procedures. VI. Members must — at all times — represent themselves, their applicable department/team, and the server as a whole in a respectable, professional manner.
  • Which departments are currently hiring/open?
    Currently, there are 4 departments accepting applications: the San Andreas State Police, the San Andreas Fire Rescue, the San Andreas Dispatch Center, and the Civilian Operations. We plan on re-opening the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office and the Los Santos Police Department as we grow.
  • When are patrols?
    At the beginning of each week, the community votes on the days that are best for patrol. The administration team then selects between 3 and 4 days for patrol! This averages to about 15 patrols a month.
  • How many people are apart of SSRP?
    Currently SSRP is home to 30 active members. Recently, we have been averaging 10-12 people per patrol, and are only growing from there!
  • Can I apply as a supervisor?
    Unfortunately, we do not have a supervisor application. It is important to us that everyone has an equal and adequate opportunity to prove themselves before they are tasked with more responsibility. To become a supervisor, we recommend that you meaningfully engage with the community both in and outside of patrol consistently. Note that all joining/returning members must wait 2 weeks before being considered for a supervisory position of any kind.
  • How do I join SSRP?
    1. Join our Discord server and verify by reviewing our community regulations. 2. Submit an application. 3. Open a recruitment ticket on Discord and schedule your interview. 4. Complete your interview. 5. Complete the Stateside Roleplay orientation process (training).
  • What vehicles/liveries/EUP/MLOs/scipts/etc do you offer?
    While it is impossible to list every single asset that is available within the server, here is a comprehensive look at some of the things we use: - In-house EUP / liveries - Various noteworthy creators’ vehicle models - Various noteworthy creators’ police/fire stations & hospitals - Ambitioneers’ Roxwood map & subscription package - GABZ’s & Map4All’s mapping subscriptions - Custom weapons from Marko’s Mods - Various law enforcement and fire rescue tools and scripts - Working train/tram script - Various other maps, vehicles, EUP items, etc. used by civilians and everyone else to enhance roleplay
  • Can I stream/record patrols?
    Yes, we welcome our members to show off Stateside Roleplay in its purest form! However, before you stream/record, you must first register with the media team and agree to abide by all applicable rules and regulations.
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